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The Pleasantview Property

There are two sections of this property and together they add up to about 90 acres. The property contains the Irving Mills Trail with access via a 22-foot wide strip of land between the residence at 300 Hillandale Boulevard and that at 5 Magnolia Court. The path exits at the cul-de-sac at the bottom of Hillandale Boulevard. Heritage Land Preservation Trust has long ties to the Pleasantview area.

The Irving Mills Trail

During the building boom in the 1990s and early 2000s, the trust was to acquire a few more properties as the city required builders to set aside some property as open space. The most significant example of this is the property at Pleasantview which includes, two parcels of almost 90 acres. It is home to the Irving Mills Trail which was named in honor of one of the founders of the trust.

Old Downtown Torrington Postcard

There is an old postcard of downtown Torrington, looking north from Center Bridge. The card is a visual history of downtown. Most of the buildings shown are long gone. A watering trough rests in the intersection. The Torrington/Winsted trolley is just past the Granite Block. The roads are not paved. A peddler’s buggy with its huge umbrella, part shade, and part billboard, is trotting north, a sign on the backboard says, simply, “MEAT.” There is another, less fashionable cart, beginning its turn up Water Street. This cart was driven by a town employee. His job was to pick up all the odorous remains left on the ground from all the horse traffic downtown. Someone had to do it.

Irving Mills, one of the founders of the Land Trust, used to ride on the aforementioned cart when he was a schoolboy. Who knows what passed for fun back then?

Irving Frederick Mills was born here in 1908 and worked for the Hotchkiss Brothers Woodworking Company and Anaconda American Brass. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and snowshoeing. In addition to HLPT, Irving also belonged to the Litchfield Hills Audubon Society, the Torrington Historical Society, and the Appalachian Mountain Club and served on the town Conservation Commission for many years. He passed in 2004 at 96 years of age. The “Irving Mills Trail” was named in his honor for many years of service. Irving is part of our Heritage.

Where is Pleasantview Located?

The Pleasantview development is off Torringford Street opposite Hayden Hill Road. This land is actually part of the old Hayden Farm complex. Access to the trailhead is on the right side of 300 Hillandale and a few hundred feet east of the road. The trail is extensive, with many side paths diverging through a mature forest. The trail ends near the cul-de-sac of Hillandale. This Heritage property continues around the cul-de-sac and wraps around the homes on Penny Lane. This piece is about 68 acres and there is also an unconnected 17-acre piece on Hillandale nearly opposite Penny Lane.

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