George Allen & Allen Stickels Properties

Property Information

The George Allen Property

The Allen and Stickels properties are parts of an old dairy farm separated by the Goshen-Sharon Turnpike. The neat thing about having these properties is that they were donated by a family that had been here almost as long as Torrington existed, Allen Road being their namesake. The properties were donated in 1981.

Allen Stickels was the grandson of George Allen. Stickels was a president of the Litchfield County Farm Bureau, an active member of the First Ecclesiastical Cemetery Association, and a charter member of Heritage. George Allen was a town selectman, sheriff, state representative and the first street superintendent of Torrington.

The Allen tract north of Goshen Road has about 68 acres. There is 440 feet of hilly frontage north of 100 University Drive. The property ranges east and towers over Norfolk Road and the Water Company plant to the south. It is heavily wooded and has a healthy population of Mountain Laurel.

The old Allen home, a Greek Revival farmhouse, has been split off from the property and is a private residence. It lies near the Nickel Mine Brook and the Allen Dam across the road. During the Flood of ‘55 water rose chin high on the first floor.

Property Information

The Stickels Property

The Stickels property, on the south side of Goshen Road, contains 14 acres on a hillside.  It is bounded to the east by the old Ducci Electric property, to the south by Klug Farm, to the north by Goshen Road, and stretches west to where University Drive comes out. It is a wooded lot with nice stone walls and some ledge outcroppings. The views from the property, while not far-ranging, are still pretty, especially toward Red Mountain.

Somewhere on that mountain one day, Allen Stickels took an Indian head nickel out of his pocket and carved its image on a rock. His artwork, known by neighbors as T-Rock, has since looked over Torrington ever since.

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