New Acquisition to Rhonda Burns Tract

Addition to Rhonda Burns Tract

Heritage is proud to announce an addition to our Ronda Burns tract. This property, consisting of about 36 acres, is located on the west side of Wyoming Ave. 

Brian McKeever of Bolton, Connecticut, has donated his two parcels to Heritage. He wrote this nice memorial:

“The children and grandchildren of Ed & Mary McKeever and Ernst & Patricia Engelbrecht are proud to dedicate these properties in their memory. Both couples would have been thrilled to know that this land is being preserved and protected by the Heritage Land Preservation Trust for others to enjoy and benefit from.

J. Edward McKeever (1910-1992) and Mary (Quish) McKeever (1918-2002) lived and raised their family in Manchester. Driven by the unwavering values of humility, charity, and selflessness, they worked with multiple charitable organizations in their lifetimes. They both had a strong sense of hometown pride and community values, and the donation of this land is a fitting testament to their legacy.

Ernst Engelbrecht (1927-1990) grew up on a farm in Southern Connecticut and had a deep appreciation for the diversity and self-sustaining nature of this state’s land. Patricia (Turner) Engelbrecht (1931-2008) was a city girl who grew to love and admire the beauty and vastness of Connecticut. They would both be honored to know that a piece of the state they cherished was being donated in their memory.”

Partnering with Heritage

Heritage has been doing this for over fifty years. We are about more than just preserving our Heritage. We provide land for community gardens, we offer the Coe Brass Park with a scenic waterfall and the Irving Mills trail system, we help our Park Pond neighbors in Winchester Center keep the waters pristine, and we bequest the Janet Howell Kozlak scholarship to a high school student who has shown interest in environmental studies.

We do best when we partner with others. If you enjoy the outdoors and want to explore new places, consider joining us. If you are interested in preserving our local heritage, consider joining. If you want to see the return of the American Chestnuts, join. If you want to help provide a natural habitat for wildlife, join.

As everyone knows, there are always costs to owning land. There is insurance, signage, dam inspections, maintenance, mowing, and, increasingly, dead trees to take care of. Please consider donating to help us fulfill our mission.

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